Brian Carmichael

Construction Director, TIGERS Ltd

Brian Carmichael is the Construction Director of TIGERS and leads a diverse team who deliver Pre-Apprenticeship training, Modern Apprenticeships and Professional Development programmes to prepare, up-skills and re-skill people for their career within the construction sector.

Brian’s experience of working of the construction sector ranges from construction building, civil engineering operations to laterally, the management of small-scale construction projects. Brian took this knowledge from the sector and used it to enhance the construction employability programmes at TIGERS before training to become an Assessor and Internal Verifier for a wide range of vocational and professional qualifications. Brian led the TIGERS & Carillion Training Joint Venture successfully through 2016-18, for which during this period the partnership had achieved the goal of producing 1000 Modern Apprentices over a span of 10 years.

Within his current role as Construction Director, Brian has embraced the power of positive relationship’s and leads through human leadership which has supported in developing a team who thrive under the vision and values of TIGERS and aim to inspire and support people to devlop their infinite potential.