Marc Cooper

Operations Director, TIGERS Ltd


Marc Cooper currently the Operations Director at TIGERS’ who are a training organisation who operate throughout central Scotland. TIGERS’ inspire and support people to meet their infinite potential through various Employability and Apprenticeship programmes.

Marc has work within this sector and gained years of experience supporting young people into the world of work. Marc has learned to look beyond the behaviour and be curious about what stops people meeting their potential. He has been learning about Leadership styles and the impact of Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences and the impact this has on individuals later in life. This learning has shaped how TIGERS’ support people using a relational approach and the importance of how we set our culture and environment.

Marc continues to be fascinated about people and follows the inspiring work of Simon Sinek, Nadine Burke Harris and Dr Gabor Mate. Leadership is a privilege and we all have the power to be that positive influence in the lives of others.