Pauline Scott

Managing Director, TIGERS Ltd

Pauline left school and attended Glasgow Caledonian University. Quickly realising that being a student was not the pathway for her, at that time in her life, she moved into the World of Work and was offered a Retail Management role at aged 21. The role was challenging, being so young but the experience was gained ‘on the job’, much of which was through the challenging situations that arose. Promotion came early, and she became a manager within the company’s ‘Store of Learning’ an operational store which all managers, across the country, attended before taking on their new posts. It ignited a passion for training and development of people.

Pauline joined TIGERS Ltd, a training and learning provider, in 2004 and was appointed Business Development Manager. Her remit was to take a thriving young business, with very little infrastructure, operational policies or staff development programme and support the ambition of the business growth by creating a more people centred, sustainable, operational model. The contrast from working in a multinational business to a small business with only 6 employees, was stark, brought more challenge but the autonomy to create change, provided her with some of her best opportunities for professional learning. This developed the skills needed in leadership – adaptability, solution focused, problem solving and overall, being willing to take risks.

Promotion to Operations Director at TIGERS, in 2010, Pauline was given full autonomy over HR, Finance, Quality Assurance, Partnership Working and Operational Delivery. She introduced and developed a new management team, to support the increase in business activity that TIGERS were experiencing.

Pauline opened Lullaby Lane Nurseries, in 2013, her first Managing Director Role. Lullaby Lane Westerton was her first nursery and she found a passion for the early development of children and with the development of the young women that joined the Lullaby Lane team. The strong reputation, built on an ethos of Attachment Led Practice, led to a second nursery opening, in Milngavie, in 2017. Pauline has worked hard to ensure relationships remain at the heart of the values, practice, policies and vision of the business.

In 2018, Pauline is due to be appointed the Managing Director of TIGERS Ltd, due to the impending retirement of the founder, John Gibson. She will continue to embed TIGERS’ New Relationship Led Practice Model, take responsibility for strategic planning and continue on a journey to make TIGERS, a values-based business that meets the needs of our people, our learners and our partners.