Ross McAllister

Head of Project Delivery, AGILE (ABP)

I am the Head of Project Delivery for an small independent software Robotics & Automation company called AGILE (ABP). My role at AGILE consists of leading our project team(s) to deliver automation solutions for clients working in different industry/sectors across UK, Ireland and Europe.  I work in the exciting world of technology and automation and get to work with professionals from different background, cultures and countries to overcome challenges and achieve success using new technologies.

I am excited to be a part of the TIGERS Male Mentoring Programme, and see this an opportunity for me to build a connection with a young individual to help support them in their personal and professional development. For me, this is a two way relationship and I am also looking to learn from the programme to help become a better leader.

I have previously participated in a mentor programme before where I was the mentee receiving support & guidance and this experience has ultimately led me to achieve more in my professional career.  I look forward to working with TIGERS over the coming months and building long lasting relationships.