I work closely with Julie, she is extremely hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated. Honestly, an asset to TIGERS. I was curious to see how she manages to balance it all. Below is a summary of our conversation during our “Walk and Talk” interview.

Could you please explain how TIGERS has helped you create a balance?

Julie explained that she is very dedicated to both her career and being a mum and that both are extremely important to her. Julie said she feels she wants to do well in her career for her own development but also to be role model to her sons by showing them what they can achieve by working hard. Julie also explained that being a Mum is very rewarding and getting the balance between family and work is important to her.

Julie explained that her son’s (Harrison & Ryan) have recently started at the new local Thomas Muir Primary school, a school where TIGERS had Apprentices on during the new school build through their partnership with Carillion & Morgan Sindall Group. Julie explained to ease their transition from nursery to school she felt it was important to be present at “Drop Off & Pick Up”. When their start date was approaching Julie spoke with her Manager, Laura Devennie who is Corporate Manager for TIGERS and asked for a more flexible approach to her working hours. TIGERS is a Relationship Led Practice company and encourages all employees to have a healthy work life balance and an agreement was made which would allow Julie to be present for her sons at this important time. Julie said she was extremely grateful to Laura for allowing this to happen.

What benefits of a Flexible Working Pattern brought to you personally and to your family?

Julie highlighted several ways in which she feels this new working pattern has helped her and her family. Julie explained that she feels she is more productive when working at home and it is allowing her time to step away and really think about her work. Also by having fewer distractions she feels she is achieving more which is helping TIGERS achieve its goals. Julie also explained that when she first told her sons that she would be picking them up from school, they were so happy! When speaking with Julie she used the words happy, productive, family, balance, working mum, career.