Stephen Ferguson
Construction Trainer/Assessor
TIGERS’ Wellbeing Champion

As part of our Relationship-Led-Practice we offer our team time to prioritise healthy relationships with self and others. We are invested in the whole wellbeing of our team and wish to create opportunities to focus on our relational, social and economic, physical and nutritional wellness. Our Wellbeing Champion, Stephen Ferguson, felt it was crucial to share the importance of looking after our physical and emotional wellbeing during these periods of uncertainty. Coronavirus has changed life as we know it. Colleagues and Apprentices are now working remotely. We now need to find a new normality. A quote from Dr Bruce Perry –

‘We need to stay physically distant but emotionally close’

The power of relationships and connection. We asked Stephen to provide ‘A Day in The Life of Remote Working’ to help provide structure and a routine during these anxious times.

A Day in the Life of Remote Working

Before we moved to remote working, I made some suggestions at our last face-to-face staff briefing about the importance of looking after our physical and emotional wellbeing.

When we went into lockdown, I set out a daily routine to follow, setting out a structure to your day when you are working from home helps productivity and reduces anxiety levels and provides a plan of action.

I started the day with walking my dog - Archie. This is great for my own mental and physical health. This is the time I would normally use for commuting to work, now I’m out in the fresh air listening to the birds and the flow of water. This is a nice transition into starting my working day and has emotional benefits. By going for a walk, you are gaining physical exercise but it boosts your mood and energy levels. I have encouraged my colleagues by posting pictures on social media which I will continue to do so. By posting on social media, especially Twitter, this has created a digital community, providing a sense of connections and togetherness.

After my walk, I’m encouraging my colleagues to add a healthy breakfast to their morning routine. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but life can be busy and fast paced, now we are at home, more time to meal plan. We can enjoy a healthier breakfast. I’ve suggested low sugar fruits and yoghurt smoothies. This can also use up essential but also perishable items in fridges and cupboards. Smoothies can help boost your immune system, boost your mood and energy levels. I have shared 6 smoothie recipes with my colleagues on the Microsoft team’s platform for anyone to follow which are- coconut and banana, sunshine smoothie, kiwi fruit, breakfast super shake, strawberry and strawberry green goddess.

I have signed up to a daily zoom meditation service from Dr Gerald Neil. This was my first real experience of meditation. I found it difficult to cut out all the outside noise and distracting thoughts going through my head. Dr Gerald Neil provided good tactics to improve my ability to practice meditation without any distractions. Getting me to think of tranquil places throughout the session, along with his relaxing voice, allowed me constant reassurance. This I felt increased my focus. Meditation is helping me spend time in the present moment and focus on my breathing. It helps you connect with yourself and take regular breaks.

Finally, most importantly, I’ve expressed the importance of connecting with others. We can do this digitally by using the technology we have available to stay connected with colleagues. We had a full staff briefing zoom call which gave colleagues a boost during these anxious times. We have encouraged regular team meeting zoom calls to help us stay connected. This could be to discuss the daily operations and/or an emotional wellbeing check in.

Would you like to collaborate with TIGERS’ to support physical and emotional wellbeing during these periods of uncertainty?

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