Jennifer Deery

My Kickstart journey started in March 2021. I joined TIGERS as an Administrator where I help create an efficient working environment through conducting general office duties. The duties expected can range from performing general filing to maintaining and managing internal databases. I was enthusiastic to start this Kickstart role and what new experiences I would be taking part in and what I could learn by doing it that could potentially help me in the future.

Coming from an English Language background at University, I was nervous but excited to be entering into an administration role within a relatively unknown sector to myself. I had had some previous administration experience during my time at high school, but the skills that I had learnt there were not extensive enough for me to feel fully comfortable for the TIGERS role. Making the jump from university doing English to being in a business role was big for me and I wanted to develop the skills needed for an administration role. Starting the role, I did not know what to fully expect and was hesitant that I could be a successful individual within an administration role. I was unsure if I would be given tasks for which I would not be able to complete and without being given the necessary training. However, as I started to progress within the role, I was assigned more than just general administration duties such as filing and printing but instead be working with various departments across the company with things like compliance. I also have had the opportunity to take part in a promotion video for Kickstart whilst being at TIGERS where I talked about my role and my journey.

Doing the Kickstart Scheme and being part of TIGERS had given me experience and assistance in a totally new area to what I am used to. I had the academic skills from my time at university, but my professional skills were still lacking. Kickstart has helped me to develop these necessary professional skills such as how to appropriately behave within an office environment, be able to work properly within a team, and how to communicate when necessary. The Kickstart Scheme has allowed me to gain the expertise needed to reach my full potential within the administration role I am in. The Kickstart Scheme has not only helped my professional skills but also my own personal skills such as self-confidence levels. Kickstart not only given me vital work experience, but it also has improved my personal skills.

Overall, the Kickstart Scheme has been an extremely positive and beneficial experience for me. Being in a Kickstart job has given me a stepping-stone into the world of work and what to expect from it. It has given me access to be part of an office environment to gain valuable professional skills that will help me for future careers. Being at TIGERS has supported me throughout the entirety of taking part in the Kickstart Scheme such as supporting me in finding long-term work and providing career advice and guidance, as well as giving me invaluable experience that I can utilise for my future.

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