Aidan Booth
Finance Administrator

After graduating University, I found it tough to get into employment within the field I had been studying. After a few jobs that were not right for me I was on Universal Credit searching for the right job. I was then introduced to the Kickstart scheme by my work coach and was referred to jobs that were suitable to me. The Kickstart Scheme was something I was very sceptical about at first due to the uncertainty of employment after the 6 months of work.

However, when I looked at it with a broadened view, I realised how beneficial this scheme was and how much I could learn within a field that I was highly interested in. For myself, the field of interest was finance. The role provided by TIGERS through the Kickstart Scheme has allowed me to gain valuable experience working in the world of finance and has allowed me to develop key skills with on-the-job training which I can use throughout my career.

With hard work and dedication, I have managed to secure a permanent position within TIGERS, and I believe it was down to applying myself in the right way and using the Kickstart Scheme as an opportunity to not only show the skills I possess but to also develop myself and explore new ways in reaching my potential.

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