Ross McGregor
IT Administrator

After being on Universal Credit for about five months after finishing my University Degree in September of 2020, I started receiving many kickstart scheme offers through my work coach and I applied for all of them, over the next few weeks I attended a couple of interviews including one for TIGERS, which I had applied for a Finance administrator role, during the interview, Elaine asked me if I would prefer a more IT focused role due to my Degree being in Computing, which I agreed to and later in the week I was offered the role.

My start at TIGERS was very good me and the other Kickstarts came in for a few days at the end of the week, we were given tasks to start with. I was fixing up some spreadsheets which brought back a lot of my knowledge of excel that I had forgotten. Quickly after that I was brought into help with the new CRM system, which I have been working with since. I have already gained lots of skills working at TIGERS and will continue to do so each time I get brought onto new projects within this ever expanding Company. I have also assisted with some of the Training programs that TIGERS run and in the future I will be looking to see what new training I can receive myself to be able to take on more responsibilities. Everyone at TIGERS has been really helpful and have given me a nice place for my first full time job, I look forward to seeing what challenges I will be presented with in the future working here.

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