TIGERS have been undertaking a process of cultural development within our organisation throughout the last 3 years. We have changed our focus from what we do, to why we do it.

We have been reviewing and developing our vision (Why), models of delivery (How) and services (What). We have created an aspirational vision, that we may never see in our lifetime, but that we will continue to advance towards.

Our 'Relationship Led Practice' was created from an understanding that significant learning and development only happens in the presence of secure, positive relationships.

We are fully invested in the training and development of our team, to increase our knowledge of Attachment Theory, early and adolescent brain development, human leadership and ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). We have partnered with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk to deliver a 1-year course, ‘Daring Ventures’, to further develop our knowledge of Attachment Theory.

We aim to grow our understanding of the impact early childhood experiences have on adolescent and adult lives. We know that positive, healthy relationships, with self and others, are the antidote to adversity and the key to learning, to emotional and physical wellbeing and to the ability to develop our infinite potential.

We have created the following set of values:

1. We will lead, practice and grow from a place of curiosity.

2. We must always act with integrity within leadership, decision making, policies and practice.

3. We will choose courage over comfort.

4. We will embrace love and compassion for all who connect with TIGERS.