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Pauline Scott

Managing Director

I am Pauline Scott, Managing Director of TIGERS & owner of Lullaby Lane Nurseries. I have 20 years’ experience of leading teams and have worked to ensure relationships occupy a central role in the values, practice, policies and vision of our businesses. I am co-founder of ACE-Aware Nation and a mentor of “Inspiring Women in Leadership (IWiL)”. A proud mum of 2, who loves reading, dance and music. I am a reformed perfectionist.

Laura Devennie

Corporate Director

Been with our business for 16 years, so you can almost say I’m an original TIGER! Our Relationship Led Practice ethos has helped me to become more self-aware thus improving the relationships I have with myself and others. I love to work alongside people to help develop their infinite potential. It truly is an enjoyable career.

Marc Cooper

Operations Director

I’ve gained years of experience supporting young people into the world of work. I’ve learned to look beyond the behaviour and be curious about what stops people meeting their potential. This learning has shaped how TIGERS’ support people using a relational approach and the importance of how we set our culture and environment. Leadership is a privilege and we all have the power to be that positive influence in the lives of others.

Brian Carmichael

Construction Director

I am a former construction operative who entered training and development initially to help young people but since been ignited and now my passion lie’s with innovative training delivery, lifelong learning and supporting people to develop their infinite potential. Another aspiration of mine is to see the style of leadership in the construction sector developed to include an authentic, compassionate and nurturing approach to meet the needs of current sector and societal changes.’

Yvonne Stanley

Early Learning and Childcare Manager

Early Learning and Childcare Manager at TIGERS, with 30 years’ experience in childcare. Passionate in nurturing the delivery of quality training and modern apprenticeships for Early Years sector. Prior to employment at TIGERS, I worked as a Nursery Manager providing high quality care for children and families within a safe, secure environment. Achievements include - NNEB, Level 4 Childcare and Education, PDA Childhood Practice (SCQF Level 9), L&D9Di, L&D11, SSSC Registered

Julie Dey

Corporate Manager 

My passion has always been people and I find fulfilment working for a company that is committed to growth through developing its people. I completed a Pg Dip in HRM in 2011 and I have recently started a MSc studying Relational Leadership and Attachment Theory. I enjoy my role and I enjoy seeing the positive effects TIGERS’ culture has on the people within it .

Steven Manclark

Construction Training Manager

Construction Training Manager who is passionate about working with people to help support their hopes and aspirations for the future while creating opportunities that allow them to fulfil their infinite potential. Working alongside my colleagues at TIGERS we are committed to help building an academy which will help people to become confident and competent leaders in the industry while help driving change in the sector.

Paula Winn

Corporate Team Leader

My name is Paula Winn and I work within the TIGERS family. I have a strong background in administration, client service and working in process driven environments, this experience enables me to support the team with any administrative tasks.I wanted to use my skills and talents for a cause that contributes positively to society, and TIGERS with their “Relationship Led Practice” and their compassionate approach is a perfect match.

Michael Davies

Construction Team Leader

Highly motivated construction team leader with a passion for helping young people gain and develop skills for life and work. A drive to create an inclusive and nurturing environment in which young people can reach and fulfil their full potential. A strong desire to provide all young people with the tools and knowledge they require to have the best possible start on their learning journey

Anabella Barnet

Graphic Designer

I am a designer focused on creating positive change in society. One of my primary purposes is education because it is a key factor for society to evolve. I find fulfilment working on a forward-thinking company, focused on positive relationships with impactful initiatives like TIGERS. As a graduate of 2020, with a challenging year, it is a joy to be able to make a difference in such an admiring company.

Bill Breslin

Construction Assessor / Verifier

I am a Trainer/Assessor at TIGERS and have worked here for 5 years, I hope to be able to give people the same opportunities I had as a young person. I have years of experience in construction industry and I feel there is a need to pass this information on to others that want to take the same construction journey as myself, we all have something to offer

Stephen Ferguson

Construction Trainer / Assessor

After spending 15 years in engineering I moved into Sport Development. While doing various coaching roles I graduated with an BA Hons in Sport Coaching and Development from University of Glasgow. From there I moved into construction working for Stewart Milne Homes, where I worked for the past 6 years. I enjoy working with young people and joining TIGERS has given me that opportunity to pass on any knowledge I have gained to the young people.

Heather Finnegan


I started my journey with TIGERS as an Employability Fund trainee in the Business Skills group. Following the completion from the Employability Fund I have successfully secured a job with TIGERS. I am currently doing my Level 2 Modern Apprenticeship in the Skills Training Academy in Administration. I look forward to what the future brings and learning more skills and developing my knowledge to suit my role.

Caitlin Forrest

Marketing Assistant

TIGERS provided me the opportunity to enter the industry I am passionate about – Marketing. As an Undergraduate struggling to gain experience, TIGERS believed in my potential. I like the fact that TIGERS believe in the importance of connection, may that be online or offline, making each day exciting. I want to encourage other organisations to believe in the power of relationship and share stories. Helping people discover their potential is something you can’t put a filter on.

Alexandra Fullerton

Business Skills Trainer / Assessor

Before joining TIGERS in June 2017 I had been working as a Tennis Coach throughout Glasgow for 7 years as well as working as a camp counsellor at all girls camp in America. I graduated from University of West of Scotland in 2014 with a BA (Hons) Sport Development. I have always enjoyed helping people strive to meet their full potential no matter what the environment.

Lorraine Glendinning

Early Years Trainer / Assessor

I am delighted to have joined Tigers Team as an Early Years Assessor after a lengthy career in Early Learning and Childcare within local authorities. Achievements include NNEB, SVQ 4, Forest School Lead Practitioner and BA Childhood Practice. I feel inspired every day by Tigers values of Integrity, Courage, Curiosity and Love and am proud to be part of a team which is dedicated to supporting young people to reach their full potential.

Ramiar Hassan

Civil Engineering Trainer

I am excited to be part of the TIGERS family and build a relationship with the team and help young students build aspiration and ambition on their civil engineering career path. I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to grow and improve on areas that are difficult and not yet explored. Civil engineering has rapidly become my everyday bread and will certainly to continue show interest in it.

Stuart Hillyear

Construction Assessor

Previously worked in the Construction Industry in Shetland for over 31 years, I’ve developed a wide range of skills and experience in Road Construction and General Road Maintenance as well as driving HGV's including gritters. Before leaving Shetland I was a Roads Foreman for Shetland Islands Council leading a team of 27 workers and training staff in the New Roads & Street works Act. I get a lot of job satisfaction from sharing my knowledge with the apprentices at TIGERS’.

David Howie

Trainer / Assessor

Having worked in the construction industry for over 20 years I decided to retrain as a personal development trainer and coach. Working within construction as an assessor and then as a Personal Development Trainer I felt I had a lot of knowledge, skills and experience that would benefit others. Being fortunate enough to be offered a position at TIGERS I am able to transfer my extensive experience to our learners, young and mature.

Ed Jeffrey

Employability Trainer / Assessor

I choose to work with TIGERS because I believe in their commitment to see every young person who becomes one of our learners given every opportunity to become quality citizens in our society. Through their place in the future workforce, they can contribute to the growth of our economy, as well as becoming well rounded individuals in their health, both mentally and physically.

Derek Johnstone

Employer Engagement

Having worked in the sign industry for 19 years as a product specialist and helping run a youth football club, the opportunity to help give young people the chance to progress into their careers through engaging with businesses who have a like-minded approach was very appealing to me. Doing this on a daily basis is extremely rewarding and it is great to see young people going on to make a career for themselves

Martin Livingston

Construction Trainer / Assessor

I have 20 years experience in the construction industry working as an electrician to trade and have spent my career working alongside people from all backgrounds. After years of working for profit focused companies I came to TIGERS to join a company whose values matched my own and where I could both enjoy the work I was doing and help others at the same time.

Richard Loughran

Finance Administrator

I have now worked for TIGERS for 16 years and have completed my SVQ Business and Administration level 2 and 3. I have done a few job roles, Junior Administrator when I first started then moved onto Administrator. I was in charge off MA administration for 6 years and have recently moved to new position as Finance Administrator I want to work for TIGERS as the staff are great to work beside and TIGERS is a company with a bright future and full of ambitions.

Hollie Macmenemey

Senior Administrator

Hollie has recently joined us as a Senior Administrator.

David Marshall

Marketing Administrator 

Before joining TIGERS in early 2018 I had completed a HND in Media & Communications. Since joining the team, I have been able to complete Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at SCQF Level 6 and go on to help to produce TIGERS graphic & video content and assist with social media. I look forward to the future to see what is in store for me personally and TIGERS as a business.

Carolyn Martin

Business Skills Assessor

Carolyn has recently joined us as a Business Skills Assessor

Pat McArthur

Construction Trainer / Assessor

I have worked in the construction industry for 35 years now as a Joiner, during that time I have gained various skills which I now have the opportunity to pass on to the next wave of youth coming into our industry. I have recently completed my L&D 9's assessing unit which will help me assess and develop candidates which allows me to interact with new candidates on various sites.

Laurene McVay

Early Years Trainer / Assessor

Having had experience within the childcare sector for 12 years I have now been given an opportunity to work for TIGERS in the role of Trainer/Assessor. Using TIGERS Vision, Values and Relationship Led Practice in my delivery it will enable candidates to flourish feeling confident in their role gaining knowledge and practice working towards and gaining their Apprenticeship. Having the opportunity to celebrate in their success is wonderful

Heather Munro

Early Learning and Childcare Assessor / Verifier

Early years has always been my passion, I've never seen it as a 'job' when you love what you do. Sharing and inspiring children and young people to reach their full potential only enhances chances, opportunities and continuous professional learning. Working with TIGERS has provided me with the opportunity to gain experience and build strong relationships across a variety of sectors creating a correlation between life and work practices.

Tracey Nimmo

Financial Specialist

I have over 25 years’ experience working in Admin, Financial and HR roles. I joined TIGERS in 2010 as Senior Administrator. In addition to this role, in 2016, I became Finance Administrator for our Nurseries. In July 2018 I became Finance Specialist for TIGERS and Lullaby Lane Nurseries. TIGERS support their Staff and Trainees/Apprentices to reach their full potential professionally and care about their emotional well-being. I love being part of such a creative, courageous and compassionate team.

Allan Oliver

Employability Trainer / Assessor

Allan is an employability trainer / assessor with TIGERS ltd having been with the company for over three years Allan has helped many young people realise their potential in the construction industry to progress into apprenticeships or full-time employment. Allan came to TIGERS after a successful career in retail management with Homebase ltd where he held various positions throughout the Glasgow area.

Stefan Oliver

Construction Trainer / Assessor

Trainer / Assessor at TIGERS in which I am part of the construction team. I love working With TIGERS as it allows me to train and develop each learner to their individual needs guiding them into the workplace , having gained 15 years in construction and horticulture industry along with life experiences it has always been my passion to help others pursue their own future and fulfil their potential

Alison Pollock


My TIGERS journey started in 2017 when I participated in the TIGERS Pre-Apprenticeship programme. Since progressing from there I have completed my Modern Apprenticeship and have gained an SCQF Level 6 in Business and Administration. Throughout my time in TIGERS I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge while continuously developing my own personal skills and building long lasting relationships with my colleagues through relationship-led practice and strong values.

Martin Richmond

Business Skills Trainer / Assessor

I have worked with people for the last 12 years in various roles and supported with personal and professional development. I worked for 10 years within retail and during this time built up strong relationships with my teams and developed a real passion for supporting and guiding others to meet their potential. I joined tigers as I feel I can add value to the journey of others into the working world.

Ollie Sime


I work in Administration for the Employability Fund and Foundation Apprenticeship contracts and I am currently completing my Modern Apprenticeship in Business Administration. I love putting relationships and inclusion at the centre of what I do, and I love seeing the people we help grow into themselves and go on to do amazing things, it really shows us just how much people flourish in the right environment.

David Summers

Business Skills Trainer / Assessor

I have been a Learning and Development practitioner for over 25 years, working with Tigers as a Business Skills Trainer/Assessor is the perfect role for me. People are my passion and it’s a privilege supporting young people to reach academic goals they never thought possible, this helps feed my passion as an educator. The Tigers culture personifies excellence in learning, an organisation I'm proud to be part of.

Helen Ward

Early Learning and Childcare Trainer

I have an experienced background working with children and families, dealing with vulnerable and diverse communities and a passion for Early Years. On learning about TIGER’S compassionate and relationship led ethos I obtained a position as a childcare practitioner at Lullaby lane Nursery, progressing to my present post as trainer. I am proud to be part of such a forward thinking company and family making a positive impact and difference to young people’s lives.

Lisa Wark

Early Learning and Childcare Assessor

I’ve always had the passion and vision to make a difference in the early years sector. Working with Tigers has gave me the chance to influence do this, by supporting individuals at such a pivotal stage in beginning their careers and the opportunity to be able to not only have impacted on children’s lives, but to be able to show my love and enthusiasm to many young people who with similar aspirations, is the dream job for me.