Paul Baker

Bricklaying Modern Apprentice

Paul Baker joined
 TIGERS Employability Fund construction programme in September 2020 and progressed to a Bricklaying Modern Apprenticeship with Lee Marley Brickworks in February 2021. 


Steven Hughes - “Hi Paul, As It’s Apprenticeship week I thought it would be good to get a good news story. You and your journey is exactly that! Would you like to start with the good news before I go into a few questions about your journey to how you’ve got to where you are today?”

Paul - “I achieved a placement with Lee Marley bricklaying through TIGERS, and upon successfully completing my placement I was offered an Apprenticeship that I start on Monday!”

Steven - “That’s brilliant news mate, proud of you! And I knew you would smash it!”

Steven - “If it’s ok Paul I just want to ask you a few questions about your journey to achieving an Apprenticeship through TIGERS and Lee Marley, firstly can you tell me a little bit about yourself?”

Paul -
“I’m Paul Baker, 18 and I live in Easterhouse. In my spare time I like to go to the gym, when they’re open that is, I also enjoy watching football.”

Steven - “How did you find out about TIGERS and what was the course you participated in?” 

Paul - “I first heard about TIGERS through my friends that had been on the course before and it was something that interested me, so I managed to get an interview arranged and was thankfully accepted on the course. The course I done was the Employability Fund programme in the construction sector as construction was always something that interested me."

Steven - “What was the transition like from TIGERS to your placement and how did you find your placement overall?"

Paul - “I felt like I was well prepared for my placement through my training at TIGERS and was made to feel welcome by Lee Marley when I started. I enjoyed my placement and working on a building site gaining some experience, learning new things and getting into a working routine."

Steven - “What does your typical day look like in your placement/job? What are your working hours?” 

Paul - “I’m working 8-4 Monday to Thursday and then 8-1 on a Friday, I leave the house at 6:40am to get the train and get to the site about 7:50 to start the day. I have been labouring and mixing and learning on the job from my tradesman, it’s been good to gain some on-site experience.”

Steven - “Would you recommend TIGERS to others and if so, what advice would you give them?”

Paul - “I have already recommended TIGERS to my friends and my best advice would be using myself as an example and showing them what’s possible through hard work and dedication, it shows what can be achieved if they stick in, turn up on time every day and are willing to learn, then they too can hopefully gain an Apprenticeship!”

Steven - “What's your plans going forward?”

Paul - “My plans for the future would be to stick in and get myself fully qualified and working full time as a Bricklayer."

Mark McCall, site supervisor at Lee Marley had this to say regarding Apprentices. "I think the benefits of apprenticeship is to help young people learn new skill and progress in their working careers. It also helps the building industry bring through new skilled workers."