Toni Heirs

Construction and Engineering  

Martec Engineering 

Toni Heirs joined TIGERS Employability Fund Programme in July 2018 referred by Springburn Jobcentre, progressed to employment at Martec Engineering. Toni Heirs has been employed by Martec Engineering for 1 year and is a positive role model for women in the construction sector   


Why did you choose a career in Construction and Engineering 

Toni: I enjoy practical work and want to work my way up the career ladder. My aim is now to inspire other women to enter the construction industry.  

Do you feel you benefited from undertaking an Employability Fund programme and then moving to employment? 

Toni: I felt the Employability Fund programme provided me with life skills, developing a work routine and built my confidence. Allan Oliver, my construction Trainer, supported me and helped develop my confidence. I am so proud that I got my CSCS card.  

 It was a smooth, natural transition into employment and would encourage other women to think about a career in construction.’ 

Can you describe what it’s like to work in the Construction sector? 

Toni: Everyday is different, filled with practical work. My daily tasks could consist of: assembling windows; Drilling; Uploading material in the van; and welding. Since I started my placement in Martec Engineering, I felt the staff are friendly and it is a great environment to work in.  I’ve matured over time, thanks to TIGERS and Martec Engineering. I recognise my responsibilities and the importance of safety.   

We spoke to Brian McGuigan, Production Manager at Martec Engineering, about Toni Heir’s Progression… 

Brian: Toni has been fantastic. We are delighted to work in partnership with TIGERS, we have a great working relationship, this stems from valuing similar aspects within business such as women in construction. 

Martec Engineering was founded in 1985 by Martin McHugh a steel fabricator with an entrepreneurial spirit who saw the gap in the market for specialist metalworker with the capabilities to eliminate the problems associated with composite steel and glass products and structures.  

 Whenever Toni has been given a task, she completes it and with it being a male dominated industry this could be quite challenging and demonstrates she is an excellent role model for women in construction’