Workforce Development

TIGERS are committed to supporting Scotland’s workforce development through various initiatives with partners. We believe that we can contribute to addressing the challenges that face our ever-evolving workplaces and help prepare people with the skills for the future.

TIGERS can offer bespoke training packages to suit partners and will work with organisations to identify specific training needs and collaborate with them to find creative solutions that meet the needs of their people.

We have delivered bespoke school training programmes that meet the needs of pupils who learn through practical experiences and being hands on. We partnered with North Lanarkshire Council and Westmuir High school to create two separate practical construction courses that allow pupils to continue their learning, gain real life experience and build important transferable skills like team work, communication, confidence and core skills.

We have partnered with Access to Industry to deliver bespoke training to residents within HMP Polmont and HMP Addiewell to address specific personal barriers and also to deliver practical certificated course that will give them the tools they need to become more employable when they are liberated.

TIGERS offer training and support to gain industry training within Construction, Business Skills, Digital Marketing and Early Years. This training can be supported through SDS' ITA funding which is a great CPD opportunity to gain further knowledge within your sector.

We are accredited to deliver Leadership and Management qualifications to support employer partners to upskill their teams and support business growth. We have recently delivered a bespoke training course to Morrison Construction's leadership team that has enabled them to transition into roles as supervisors, team leaders and managers.

TIGERS are co-founders of ACE Aware Nation and have supported many organisations in raising awareness of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences. We have hosted screening and workshops of the documentary Resilience which has had a profound impact in raising awareness across the country.