ACE-Aware and Trauma Informed

When Connected Baby and TIGERS launched ACE-Aware Nation, our initial aim was to create a 2-day Conference that would explore how we use the scientific knowledge of ACEs to foster greater kindness, compassion and hope within our culture and ensure that relationships are at the heart of all our public policies and spending decisions? Our aim was to explore what would it take to make Scotland the world’s first ACE-Aware Nation? The energy on the day of the Conference and the subsequent adoption of the brand of ACE-Aware Nation, by many organisations, local authorities and individuals has brought the realisation that ‘ACE-Aware Nation’ is more than a Conference.

We believe that ACE-Aware Nation is not an exclusive brand of TIGERS and Connected Baby but an inclusive movement, with many voices. We are also mindful of some of the concerns being raised by individuals and organisations, regarding ACE Awareness and how this shapes our thinking.

We have been amazed that our quote badges started out as quirky addition to our ACE-Aware Nation conference and has now become a symbol of contentedness and sense of belonging to the ACE-Aware community.

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Why:   To protect the rights of the children of Scotland

How:   Aware/Trauma Informed/Collaborative Working/Transformational Leadership

What:  Awareness Events/Awareness into Action Workshops/Hosting Screenings/Hosting keynote speakers/resources for practice/podcasts from friends of AAN/participation on the SG Cross Party Group/Support for ACE Hubs across Scotland/ALP Network

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Ace Aware Nation