Cultivating Curiosity

We cultivate curiosity in our team with all aspects of learning and development. We have invested in a lending library that encourages our team to explore subjects they are passionate about and helps them to continually develop their skills and knowledge.
We arrange film days / evenings which require our team to come with an open and curious mind. These screenings often challenge the status quo, and encourages us to look beyond the behaviour and start with why.

We have created a social media platform where we share podcasts, articles and videos, which stimulate conversation and learning.
Our team are involved in a variety of events such as school and community careers fares, charity events and equality and diversity training days. This encourages our team to walk in the shoes of others and strive towards our vision “For a fair and inclusive world where equal opportunities exist for individuals, families and communities”.
The activities that take place have brought our team together and built stronger relationships with each other.