Daring Ventures

In partnership, with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, we have embarked on a bespoke, 12-month training course, called ‘Daring Ventures: Seeing life through an attachment lens’‘. This course is being delivered to all our teams, across our organisation.

The goal of this 12-month course is to help our team to deepen their understanding and confidence regarding attachment. It has three specific aims:

1. Knowledge: To foster deeper knowledge of attachment processes

2. Application: To enable individuals to see attachment processes in action in everyday life

3. Articulation: To strengthen participants’ ability to explain attachment to others

The course will explore six key attachment concepts:

1. The Rupture-Repair Cycle

2. Emotional regulation & stress

3. Circle of Security

4. Knowing & naming emotional states

5. Emotional boundaries

6. Attachment styles

Each session is delivered directly by Dr Zeedyk and between sessions, we are undertaking two types of home study, a daily record of observations relating to each topic and some enhanced reading and observational video study.

To find out more about the work of Dr Suzanne Zeedyk please click on the below link to visit her website:

Connected Baby