“Only when we take our values off the wall and live them can we say we have a strong corporate culture”.
(TIGERS’ Igniter Simon Sinek)

Our core values help us to articulate to our team, customers, learners and stakeholders what the company stands for and clarify the identity of the company. Our values need to be verbs, to be actionable, so that we can hold our team people accountable to them.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Simon Sinek click on the link below:

Simon Sinek

We have created the following set of values:

1. We will lead, practice and grow from a place of curiosity.

2. We must always act with integrity within leadership, decision making, policies and practice.

3. We will choose courage over comfort

4. We will embrace love and compassion for all who connect with TIGERS.

Our values-based decision-making means that we have a team whose personal values align with TIGERS’ values.

This culture has unleashed tremendous amounts of energy towards our shared purpose and has fostered the whole organisation’s capacity to develop it’s potential.
We moved to values-based recruitment – hiring people for the right attitude and values, rather than qualifications. We developed our appraisal system to give higher credence to behaviours/values than KPIs. We chose to work with business partners based on aligned values.